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Hot Alert!!-Check Out The Shannon Twins


Its something to see a beautiful model with the right thickness at the right place,but to have a set of twin of same beauty  and thickness is a glorious day on the internet.You might not know them,but Playboy fans are gonna recognize the names but may not recognize the faces n bods.

These perfect set of twin are tagged or named the Shannon Twins,Kristina and Karissa,and are ex -playboy playmates.The 26 year old girls were Hugh Hefner‘s girlfriends from 2008 till 2010 when they left the house.The duo were not as endowed as this like before;they were just your typical models with the slim body and all.After a few plastic surgery and time,they became more beautiful and perfectly shaped up.

They recently had a photo-shoot session in the desert and it was as hot as the Sahara!!




images:from TMZ

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