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KYLIE Spends The Night At Her Man’s Place!!



This couple have been together for a very long time and things never seem to stop getting complicated at a point,but the two seem to wanna stick together till the end.Tyga posted a pic early Friday of Kylie sitting on a bed with the caption, “They always come back…”

Now … time to connect the dots. A short time earlier, Kylie posted a pic of her wearing the same dress as the one in the pic Tyga posted. 1 + 1 = banging, correct?.Tyga apparently had a change of heart and deleted the photo, but it’s pretty clear … they want people to know … there are benefits in friendship.

Thers is no doubt there’s gonna be some serious make-up ***


Check Out KYLIE JENNER’s Sexy Lace Jumpsuit Dress


Too revealing or not,Kylie‘s lace jumpsuit might be her sexiest dress ever worn.The 18-year-old reality TV star,model and Snapchat queen stepped out in a totally sheer lace jumpsuit last night to watch boyfriend,Tyga perform at V Files runway show in New York.

The ensemble featured a high neck, long sleeves and flared bottoms, adding a ’70s vibe to her overall look. Jenner kept her hair down and paired the outfit with gold pointy-toe heels.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star shared a few photos from the night on Instagram.

Too revealing?…


Shout out to Starbucks


10 Celeb Kids Already Screwing Their Lives

Being famous they say is not an easy street which you just walk through.It bears many bad things among the good stuff that come with it.The older ones in Hollywood have not being able to handle after many years in the light of tabloid headlines.The younger ones don’t even have a clue how to handle the fame they have in their life.That’s why every week in and week out,one of ’em ends up on the headlines making more scandalous news.

Here’s a list of 10 Hollywood Kids not living the proper life,not with purpose.



Chet Hanx is a beloved actor’s kid turned obnoxious counterculture character. He’s Tom Hanks’ rapper son who used to go by “Chet Haze,” until he changed it to “Hanx.” He claims his sick rhymes got him famous, not, you know, because his dad is Captain Phillips. Real name Chester Marlon Hanks, Chet thinks he raps with the intensity of DMX, but in reality he flows like Vanilla Ice’s irritating cousin, not to mention he very publicly fought detractors over his use of what is unfortunately a lot of rappers’ favorite slang term. African American hip hop artists have long defended the use of the term as a way of taking it back, thereby devaluing its negative connotations. It’s a valid argument, just not coming from Forrest Gump’s very white, very privileged son. Why can’t you just be more like your brother, Colin?



Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian crew and daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. She seems to be stirring controversy in an effort to stand apart from her crowded, fame-hungry family. When she was 17 she bought her own house and starting dating 25-year-old rapper Tyga. She also has a passion for risque Instagram photos that would make a normal parent throw a teen’s cell phone into the garbage disposal. In addition to that, she’s also allegedly started getting plastic surgery, which some say is more of a statement about the type of parenting she’s receiving. We remember lying about a field trip to trick our parents into signing something, but what was Kylie’s excuse when she came home from the zoo with lip injections? Get it together, Kris and Caitlyn. Have you seen those kid leash things? We’d start there



When Miley Cyrus decided to shed her child star image and fully leave any memory of Hannah Montana behind her, she cranked it to eleven and set the amp on fire. From her Twitter and Instagram accounts, which are basically just naked selfie albums at this point, to her latest world tour in which she gyrated on a giant, flying hot dog while wearing basically nothing, Miley has more than achieved her goal. She’s so far from the character Disney created, it would be like if Mickey Mouse traded in his white gloves and red shorts and became Marilyn Manson. Seriously, Miley, put your clothes back on. We wouldn’t want you achy-breaking your father’s heart. (Yes, that had to be done and we’re not sorry.



Nickelodeon gave Ariana Grande her big break when they cast her as “Cat Valentine,” a recurring character on multiple shows. From there, Ariana launched a successful recording career. That all sounds great until you peel back a single layer on a diva onion that would make Mariah Carey cry. Just some of the rumors about Ariana’s pomposity include these tidbits: she makes her bodyguards carry her around like a baby, she’s been accused of being nasty to fans reportedly saying, “I hope they all [bleeping] die,” and the notorious “donut-licking” scandal in which she was caught on camera saying “I hate America.” She’s also part of the millennial pop crowd who air their beefs on Twitter, creating hordes of awful, threat-slinging devotees. Worse, in this case said devotees menacingly call themselves “Arianators.” Of course a lot of these are rumors, but the old saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” seems to apply here, as Ariana’s left a lot of burned relationships behind her



One of Ariana Grande’s burn victims was her iCarly and Sam and Cat co star, Jennette McCurdy, who for her part, didn’t exactly take the high road away from their fallout. According to a detailed breakdown by Grantland, McCurdy’s downfall started with a leaked photo scandal involving risqué pics she sent to a former flame. The photos weren’t graphic at all, but were scandalous enough for Grande and Nickelodeon to immediately start distancing themselves from McCurdy. After salary negotiations broke down (McCurdy was being paid less than Grande), Sam and Cat was not renewed, sparking a twitter war between Arianators and McCurdians (yep, those are both real things). McCurdy, disgraced and scorned by her former friend, created a web series with an obvious parody character of Grande, while publicly denying there was any feud between them. That’s the kind of petty behavior no major studio wants to deal with, and is probably the reason McCurdy hasn’t seen a return to the kind of tentpole projects she used star in



The anthropomorphic bangs known as Justin Bieber behave so erratically now they barely resemble the lovable little YouTube sensation who could sing and play guitar. Soon after Justin hit the big time, he started with the shenanigans. The list is long, but some of his greatest hits include: egging his neighbor’s house, urinating in a restaurant’s mop bucket, getting a DUI, and multiple physical altercations with the paparazzi. That last item provided a real glimpse into Bieber’s true personality. When giving a deposition over accusations that he ordered his bodyguards to rough up a photographer, Bieber’s snide, argumentative, and aggressive responses to lawyers’ questioning showed that he feels he’s above the law. He took a stab at redemption recently, offering himself to Comedy Central as the victim of their annual celebrity roast, which he openly admitted was to atone for his past behavior. While that’s a start, we’re not sure we’ve seen the last of Bieber’s bad boy antics. But if he agreed to never make music ever again, we’d consider that a very strong second step



You would think being Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister would leave her at a distinct advantage in terms of “How bad could she possibly screw up,” but Aliana Lohan seems comfortable walking the same path as her big sis. Though Ali never came close to Lindsay’s level of fame, she joined in the rockstar lifestyle at a very young age, reportedly accompanying Lindsay to Chateau Marmont—an exclusive Hollywood nightclub—at just 15 years old. Ali is also a model, which has led to more than a few scandals over her weight, as she fluctuates between waif-thin and dangerously waif-thin. For a while she was going to be a singer as well (And let us guess, an actress after that?) so she launched a YouTube channel for her music career, but only ever uploaded one video. She put about the same level of effort into the professional side, releasing only one single and a Christmas album of cover songs. She’s still frequently spotted in the VIP sections of the hottest events despite never actually achieving the requisite “importance” to be there. And if Lindsay’s track record tells us anything, it’s that poor work ethic seems to be a hereditary trait in the Lohan family, so Ali might want to start focusing on what comes after modeling—a career notorious for forcing women into “retirement” at the ripe old age of 24.



Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts and the niece of Julia Roberts, both successful actors, who no doubt paved the way for the young starlet’s career. And she didn’t take long to join in the family business, landing a gig in the Johnny Depp movie, Blow, at ten years old. From there, she worked steadily taking bigger and bigger roles, including multiple seasons on the wildly popular American Horror Story. While Emma briefly took some heat for quasi-condoning what seemed to be James Franco perving on a 17-year-old girl on Instagram, her real controversial moment came from her relationship with her AHS costar, Evan Peters. After a domestic violence incident in Montreal, Emma was arrested when police responding to the complaint saw injuries to Peters’ face. Peters didn’t press charges and the pair actually stayed together, even getting engaged for a few years before breaking it off. At the time of this writing, they’ve been spotted together again, but this relationship (or possibly just Roberts’ temperament) seems kind of volatile, and has already resulted in physical violence once. That’s a real life horror story that these young actors — especially Roberts, who seems to be at a high point in her career — might just be better off avoiding.



The adorable little kid from Big Daddy, was actually played—as is often the case—by twins, Dylan and Cole Sprouse. They moved on to big success as Disney stars with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck, where they were the network’s highest paid stars. Cole has kept his nose clean with his biggest scandal revolving around a completely benign fake Tumblr account and some obsessive fans who were upset about not having one more Sprouse Bros. thing to obsess over. Dylan, however, was amongst the surprisingly large group of Disney stars to get swept up in the leaked photo scandals after another Tumblr (these guys should really stay away from that site) posted private, semi-nude photos Dylan took of himself. It’s not all bad, though, since the “scandal” happened during a self-imposed hiatus from acting, during which both brothers attended NYU, eventually graduating with honors. As far as this list goes, these twins are actually doing considerably well



Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s two biological kids, Jaden and Willow, probably top the list as the most annoying celebrity children ever. From their associations with the Kardashians to their questionable entry-level attempts into the music world, these two trust-fund darlings never seem humble or even grateful for the wildly fortunate world into which they were born. Instead, they constantly drone on about the great influence they have on art and culture, incessantly promoting MSFTS, their clothing/music line which purports to cater to individuals who aren’t interested in the approval of anyone. Listen here, kiddos: when you’re the offspring of arguably the most famous actor in the world, you are literally the exact opposite of a misfit, so calm down with the faux angst and enjoy life. You won at birth

KYLIE’s Butt Is Getting Bigger And Bigger

Kylie Jenner wants to make major changes to her body,in the light of taking after her big sister Kim.First her lips,with some underlining job,now her ass is getting bigger than normal.

The thing is, we’re getting kind of sick of thinking about her ass. We’re getting tired of seeing her ass. We’re getting tired of knowing her ass. We’re genuinely hoping that one day and one day very, very soon the novelty of dat ass wears off, because seriously.


KOURTNEY Trying To Look Like KYLIE?


Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie jenner are obviously sisters but not twins,well,recent photos of Kourtney seem to be saying another thing else and cooking up new theories.if kylie should look like anyone it should be her other sister,Kendall,not kourtney,no at all.

Both women present very different attitudes, they’re close to two decades apart, and they had different fathers.They are only linked by their mothers.Who is to say they couldn’t both just look like their mother Kris.

Kourtney’s instagram post is the reason for this theories,one which says that she’s looking to change her looks into that of her younger sister.The lighting,make-up and the eyes,definitely the eyes,shows Kourtney is into something new.


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