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Listen To What KHLOE KARDASHIAN’s Butt Is Saying


Khloe Kardashian’s TV show might have been cancelled, but it looks like her butt landed a role in a monster flick.

WAKA FLOCA Passes Out After Smoking 20 Blunts


29 year old American Rapper,Juaquin James Malphurs popularly knon as Waka Floca was attended to by an emergency team after he passed out from smoking over 20 blunts while in Seattle this week for a performance at Dope Cup, an annual event featuring live performances, a showcase of medical and recreational marijuana.

The rapper posted a photo of himself in the back of an ambulance receiving treatment after he supposedly passed out.The photo was put up on his instagram page with the caption…….“Aw man. #seattle was too much last night. #nonGMO edibles and 20 or more blunts later,”


The Princes Of Wales Visit The Star Wars Planet


The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set

The fresh princes of England,Prince Harry and Prince William did some major visit out of this world to the Star Wars Planet Set at Pinewood Studios near London.The two princes met with some of the casts and crew of the Star Wars:The Awakening Movie at the studio.

The Prince and his bro got big ole wookiee hugs from Chewbacca.Prince William made the visit as part of his duties as President of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Harry looked more than happy to tag along.

The royal bros even geeked out over lightsabers, but Will needs a better grip.

Check put the rest of the photoshots posted by the brothers on their instagram pages….

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set


The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film Set


Check Out ASHANTI’s New Booty job


R&B singer Ashanti showed off her brand new shape – and it was impressive & her fans are happy with the new booty work.The source of the new dab bod can’t be far fetched from the fact that she had a surgery.You see, Ashanti always had great legs and great hips – but her butt hasn’t always been as big as this.

Ashanti started getting butt shot treatments since the middle of last year and now, about a year into her treatment, she looks GREAT,with her butt looking bigger than ever.





Madonna And Son,Rocco,Enjoy Night Out


Star Mom Madonna is clearly enjoying the time which she has been granted to reconnect  with her son Rocco as she treats him to an outing at London’s finest Restaurant.

Madonna and her 15-year-old escapee broke bread Sunday at the Chiltern Firehouse. Madonna’s been in London for more than a week, with a singular purpose … making peace with the kid who bailed on her in December for dad Guy Ritchie.

KANYE WEST Betrayed His Fans On TLOP’s Promises


Fans of Hollywood badboy and owner of Yeezy Fashion Line,Kanye West has been called out by a fan of his that felt betrayed by the man’s inability to fufill his promises on his latest album release,TLOP.He pulled a fast one on his fans by backing out on a promise that Tidal would be the ONLY place to get his new album.

Kanye vowed “The Life of Pablo” would never be available on Apple or Spotify or any other streaming service besides Tidal … which of course is owned by his pal Jay-Z.

Justin Baker-Rhett says that was enough to get him to sign up for Tidal — and it worked on 2 million other Yeezus fans who also bought subscriptions. In his class action lawsuit, he says the bump saved the floundering service because the new users added $84 million to Tidal’s bottom line.As bad business would be described,’Pablo’ was up on Apple Music, Spotify and eventually Kanye’s own website too.

Baker-Rhett feels like he and other fans were tricked into “paying for Tidal’s rescue.” He clearly regrets dropping that $9.99 for the service. He’s suing Kanye and Tidal for damages.


Stars Spotted At The 2016 COACHELLA Musical Festival


The Annual Coachella Festival is here again and the 2016 edition is star strucked.The musical festival takes place in Ohio,Carlifornia.Many music lovers and fans usually await this event every year and its always greeted by huge number of fans.Many of your favorites celebs didn’t miss out on this year’s music festival…

Taylor Swift, who famously has beef with Katy Perry, were there although there’s no evidence they ran into each other.  And when you add up sheer weight, it’s a fair statement tons of other celebs showed, including Scott Eastwood, O’Shea Jackson, Kyle Richards, Ja Rule and Lenny Kravitz.


















Checkout Arnold Schwarzenegger Work Out With His Son


Arnold Schwarzenegger has a reputation for being popular from so many things he’s been involved in such as his political achievement as the gorvernor of Carlifornia,his super awesome acting career which started from the 80’s and also his huge arms and abs.He once participated in the USA best body competition and the great bod seems to run in the fam as his sons also seem to follow the same steps as their father.

Arnold showed Joseph Baena the ropes Saturday at Gold’s Gym in Venice.  The 18-year-old is jacked like an up-and-coming Mr. Universe, but the Pepperdine business major has other aspirations.Arnold was bragging in the gym … Joseph’s pulling straight A’s.

Arnold and Joseph haven’t been caught together in a picture together since he was a small boy, although the 2 have always been in contact.This kid could end up being the true Arnold protege.


Photos From The MTV Movie Awards 2016


The just concluded 2016 MTV  Movie Awards was a really dope one with so may highlights from the show.From Adam Devine and Rebel Wilson kiss,and the cursing and constant trash talking of the night’s hosts–Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, to the dope red carpet dresses and winners of the night,the award ceremony was blast as fans couldn’t stop tweeting bout the event the entire evening.The Award ceremony held at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank,California on Saturday,April 9, 2016).

Check out some of the dope pictures from the evening




















Madonna Finally Meets Her Son Since Their Break From Last Year


After a long battle for the custody of their son,after so many legal charges and lawyer talks,it seems Madonna and her enstranged husband,Guy Ritchie have struck some sort of custody deal over their 15 year old son,Rocco.This speculation started when Guy was seen dropping their Rocco off to visit her at her home in London.

Madonna flew to England a few days ago, looking all business, and now it appears she and Guy followed judge’s orders and came up with some sort of visitation arrangement

The 15-year-old has been living with Guy in London since December 1st, after bailing on Madonna’s tour.  He says he wants to live with his dad, and Madonna had been fighting that tooth and nail.

The judge in the custody case told both Madonna and Guy to grow up and do what’s best for their kid, and if they wouldn’t … he would.  Apparently the parents listened

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