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Madonna And Son,Rocco,Enjoy Night Out


Star Mom Madonna is clearly enjoying the time which she has been granted to reconnect  with her son Rocco as she treats him to an outing at London’s finest Restaurant.

Madonna and her 15-year-old escapee broke bread Sunday at the Chiltern Firehouse. Madonna’s been in London for more than a week, with a singular purpose … making peace with the kid who bailed on her in December for dad Guy Ritchie.

Madonna Finally Meets Her Son Since Their Break From Last Year


After a long battle for the custody of their son,after so many legal charges and lawyer talks,it seems Madonna and her enstranged husband,Guy Ritchie have struck some sort of custody deal over their 15 year old son,Rocco.This speculation started when Guy was seen dropping their Rocco off to visit her at her home in London.

Madonna flew to England a few days ago, looking all business, and now it appears she and Guy followed judge’s orders and came up with some sort of visitation arrangement

The 15-year-old has been living with Guy in London since December 1st, after bailing on Madonna’s tour.  He says he wants to live with his dad, and Madonna had been fighting that tooth and nail.

The judge in the custody case told both Madonna and Guy to grow up and do what’s best for their kid, and if they wouldn’t … he would.  Apparently the parents listened

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