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KYLIE Spends The Night At Her Man’s Place!!



This couple have been together for a very long time and things never seem to stop getting complicated at a point,but the two seem to wanna stick together till the end.Tyga posted a pic early Friday of Kylie sitting on a bed with the caption, “They always come back…”

Now … time to connect the dots. A short time earlier, Kylie posted a pic of her wearing the same dress as the one in the pic Tyga posted. 1 + 1 = banging, correct?.Tyga apparently had a change of heart and deleted the photo, but it’s pretty clear … they want people to know … there are benefits in friendship.

Thers is no doubt there’s gonna be some serious make-up ***


MILEY And LIAM Back Together


Just few weeks of the speculations of the duo getting back together,Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth,seem to have put an end to the rumors and placed the final nail in the coffin as the couple reunion has moved to the next level.Miley moves in with Liam over the weekend.

The rumors of their making up,started last year christmas period when they were both spotted in Australia celebrating the holiday season with some mutual friends.within these four weeks,they have put all their differences behind them and moved forward hand in hand..

Miley and some friends drove a U-Haul truck over to Liam’s pad in Malibu, where she unloaded junk from her trunk this weekend. It was the finale of her week-long moving process.She’s already wearing the engagement ring, which Liam gave her years ago

LIAM And MILEY Celebrate New Year Together

Just two months after their split,Hollywood’s Second Favorite of the Hemsworth Brothers,Liam Hemsworth and America’s most controversial artist and former Disney star,Miley Cyrus have been seen together this holiday period.


The pair where in Australia together to celebrate the New Year and seem they both had fun.This has since raised some obvious questions:’Are they back together’.Here is a photo with the two in it.


The Couple That’s Just Too Cute

One of America’s cutest couple have a lot to look for ward to in the New Year.The couple,Chrissy Teigen and Musician husband John Legend who are expecting a bundle of joy this year.They were both seen walking hand in hand at the L.A.X airport on the first day of the year in coordinated matching outfit.


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